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Alumni News

Class of 2008
Hayley DiGiano- Senior at UNF w/ Major in Biology.  She will be interning with the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute's Marine Mammal Research subsection in Jacksonville for the summer
Kyle Domfort- was promoted to Vice Wing Commander of UF ROTC
Class of 2012
Sierra Short- accepted as a Cornell University Summer Scholar for a research internship at New York State Agricultural Experimental Station in Geneva, New York where she will conduct Entomology research
Sophie Putzeys-Ocala Star Banner Girls Soccer Player of the Year
Class of 2014
Lauren Heinlein-Ocala Star Banner Girls Golfer of the Year

Fun Note for 2015

Valedictorians at VHS this year
For the class of 2015 at VHS:

370 total seniors
93 IB seniors
8 Cornerstone graduates in IB

27 Valedictorians (all IB)
5 Cornerstone valedictorians

29% of VHS IB graduates are valedictorians
8.6% of VHS IB is from Cornerstone
18.5% of the valedictorians are from Cornerstone
62.5% of the Cornerstone graduates of this class graduate as valedictorians

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