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Medication Requirements

  1. A physician must order the medication, prescription or non-prescription (over the counter) specifically for your child.This includes ALL medications (oral, topical, inhaled, etc.)
  2. A separate Authorization for Medication form must be filled out for each specific medication, prescription or non-prescription.This form is available on the Cornerstone Day Camp main menu page of the website.
  3. All medications (prescription and non-prescription) must be in the original container with label and directions.
  4. A pharmacy label must be attached, prescription or non-prescription.Your child’s physician can call in a pharmacy label for non-prescription medications.
  5. The label on the medication must include the specific time and dosage to be administered.
  6. Prescription fill-date must be from the most current date (within the last month).

Camper may carry a prescribed metered dose inhaler with approval from their parents and their physician.  Inhaler must be accompanied by the appropriate label.  Both the physician and the parent must sign the bottom of the Authorization for Prescribed Medications form if the camper is to carry inhaler.  All other medications will be maintained by the Camp Director.

If your camper currently has special medical conditions such as life-threatening allergies, current seizures, asthma, or diabetes, please obtain an action plan signed by a physician.

Please do not place medications in your camper’s possession.

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