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Board of Trustees


The Cornerstone School is a structured as a 501(3)c non profit organization that is governed by a Board of Directors. Each board member volunteers for a 3 year term. During their time on the board, members are responsible for setting policies and planning for and maintaining the school’s overall direction. Additionally, board members:

  • Are responsible for the school’s major fundraising efforts, including obtaining sponsorships for school events
  • Determines the school’s mission and purpose
  • Establishes policies, priorities and plans strategically
  • Ensures adequate resources so that plans and programs are implemented
  • Protects assets and provides financial oversight
  • Ensures that the school operates legally and ethically
  • Employs and evaluates the Director of the school


Board Chairs

  • Steve Allen

  • Dr. Bonnie Farr

    Vice President
  • Susie Crabb

  • Angie Jones



  • M. Suzanne Green

  • Brian Hentz

  • Dr. David Martin

  • Rosey Moreno Jones

  • Jaclyn Berg

  • Kathy Francis

  • Paul Humphrey

  • Kathleen Piper

  • Ara Manoogian