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Welcome to The Cornerstone School!


At The Cornerstone School, our program and teaching are designed to instill in young children the foundation, or cornerstone, for lifelong learning and to provide for all of our students a high standard and engaging education that will produce a lifetime of benefits. The importance of the partnership between parents, students and teachers is essential in preparing our students with all that they will need to be successful, not only in this critically important elementary and middle school learning experience, but also in the demanding secondary school and college experiences that they will pursue, as well as their lives beyond formal education.

Started by parents over thirty years ago, The Cornerstone School, as an intentionally small independent school, constantly reviews and adapts program offerings to ensure that the education of children is relevant to the needs of a changing society in which they will find themselves as adults. In contrast to many traditional schools which are modelled on a “factory model” of education developed over a hundred years ago, we recognize the need for a school that is designed to meet the needs of the 21st century. In an ever and rapidly changing, increasingly global, society, today’s children need to not only be taught content knowledge of academic subjects, but they also need to an opportunity to develop competence in critical thinking skills, collaboration, communication, social responsibility, adaptability and resilience.

With the approach to the “whole child” at our school, we focus not only on intellectual development but also on the physical, emotional and social skills of our students. In addition to the challenging and enriching curriculum, we hold our students to high standards of behavior, integrity of character and the expectation of mutual respect. At our School, children are personally known and heard, and learn through challenges, celebrations and failures in a nurturing and supportive environment that is deliberately created to ensure the growth of self-confidence and with a faculty that is committed to the success of each individual.

We appreciate your interest in The Cornerstone School, and while you can certainly learn more about us on our website, I strongly encourage you to organize a tour of our school where you can experience our unique and vibrant school for yourself.


Ms. Ingrid Wasserfall
Head of School