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  Name Title
Janna Abbott Abbott, Janna Teacher
Stevie Andrews Andrews, Stevie Teacher - 3rd Grade
Isiah Blount Blount, Isiah Paraprofessional
Misty Boileau Boileau, Misty Administrative Assistant
Linda Booth Booth, Linda Paraprofessional
Jamie Brown Brown, Jamie Teacher - Jr. Kindergarten
Carrie Butts Butts, Carrie Teacher - Kindergarten
Rebecca Cornell Cornell, Rebecca Teacher - Preschool
Chelsea Crabtree Crabtree, Chelsea Teacher - 1st Grade
Annie Darley Darley, Annie Business Administrator
Pam DiGiano DiGiano, Pam Paraprofessional
Lori Fuqua Fuqua, Lori Teacher - 2nd Grade
Lorraine Gerrity Gerrity, Lorraine Admissions Coordinator
Karlie Giles Giles, Karlie Teacher - 4th/5th Grade Math and Science
Jenni Hager Hager, Jenni Lower Division Head
Audrey Jabbar Jabbar, Audrey Paraprofessional
Jennie Kattleman Kattleman, Jennie Teacher - Middle School Social Studies
Tajai Kuhn Kuhn, Tajai Curriculum Coordinator
L.P. Miller Miller, L.P. Athletic Director
Joseph Moseley Moseley, Joseph Teacher
Karen Murray Murray, Karen Paraprofessional
Maritza Ogden Ogden, Maritza Teacher - Spanish
Sandy Pennell Pennell, Sandy Administrative Assistant
Daniel Peterson Peterson, Daniel Teacher
Sierra Puckelwartz Puckelwartz, Sierra Paraprofessional
Carrie Putzeys Putzeys, Carrie Assistant Teacher - Kindergarten
Marissa Ramnauth Ramnauth, Marissa Paraprofessional
Brooke Schultheis Schultheis, Brooke Development Coordinator
Cindy Shawley Shawley, Cindy Paraprofessional
Mallory Sieg Sieg, Mallory Upper Division Head
Staci Strait Strait, Staci Teacher - 4th/5th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies
Katie Thompson Thompson, Katie Paraprofessional
Kassandra Urban-Timpner Urban-Timpner, Kassandra Teacher - 1st Grade
Ingrid Wasserfall Wasserfall, Ingrid Head of School
John Wise Wise, John Teacher - Middle School Language Arts

Location & Hours of Operation

the Cornerstone School is located at

The Cornerstone School
2313 SE Lake Weir Avenue
Ocala, FL 34471
(352) 351- 8840 Office
(352) 351- 4226 Fax

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
7:30am -3:30pm