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In an ever-changing world, our mission is to prepare students for success with a comprehensive educational program of:

  • An innovative curriculum
  • Inspirational teaching that develops a passion for learning;
  • And the Cornerstone values of acceptance, integrity, and mutual respect.

The guiding philosophy of The Cornerstone School is to provide and cultivate educational experiences that allow children to develop academic, social-emotional, and creative potential. The school environment will foster honesty, trust, openness, and respect for the dignity of all people. We will provide a teaching staff that will facilitate an atmosphere for self-directed learning. Creating a balance that blends teachers' and children's knowledge and interests, the program will reflect an appreciation and understanding of the uniqueness of each child. We will integrate the arts into the curriculum, recognizing that children are active learners who need opportunities for direct experience with a wide variety of materials. The school will provide individual, small and large group instruction so that children learn in a democratic atmosphere.

The school will provide a climate that promotes the development of self-respect, self-control, and cooperation. The staff, the children and their parents will come together to achieve this goal, working to encourage self-expression, imagination, and a sense of humor. Students will be encouraged to show leadership in modeling respect for the rights of others.

Assessment will take place in multiple forms. Close observation and documentation of children's development, parent conferences, written documentation of children's academic progress, standard measures, projects, and presentations will be used in the evaluation and assessment of children and the program. The school will solicit and encourage participation by parents in the operation and management of the school through its Board of Trustees, in the classroom environment and in fundraising efforts in order to strengthen and to support The Cornerstone School community.

The school will maintain an enrollment policy that encourages participation by children of all races, creeds, and cultures.