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Stem Activities, Music and Art, Sports, and more! So much to do…find the right program(s) for YOU
The Goal of THE CORNERSTONE AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM is to provide our students a full array of activities that will provide meaningful learning opportunities for as many age groups as possible.  It is our belief that an effective AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM builds student self-esteem, provides our faculty with a way to connect with our students, and builds a stronger school community.
By offering most of these programs on campus we are providing a convenient solution for our families that would like to have their child experience and participate in a broad spectrum of activities.   
Our programs cover a wide area of subject areas and disciplines; the Arts (Chorus, Guitar, Digital Photography, and Traditional Art), STEM (Robotics and Engineering) Sports (Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, and Fencing) and more (Chess and Cooking).  Many of these programs provide both learning and competitive opportunities.
We understand that it can be difficult when arranging a schedule that will allow your student to participate in as many AFTER-SCHOOL activities as possible.   Through careful scheduling and planning we believe we have expanded the possibilities of multi program participation.
  • In the past a student had to decide between chess and robotics.  This year an advanced chess player can enroll in Thursday chess class as well as participate on a Monday robotics team.
  • A kindergarten student can enroll in Wednesday Junior Engineering Club and take a Monday cooking class. 
The cost of each of our programs are carefully considered in respect to individual program supplies (sports teams need uniforms, cooking classes need ingredients, etc.), practice facility rentals, and many other requirements.  We feel that the fees assessed to our families are reasonable and of good value.
All program activities have a specific pay date.  Our instructors are bound by those dates and are not permitted to let your child participate if these fees are not paid.   All fees must be paid in the business office.  Many of our classes have limited enrollment and are based on a “first come, first serve” policy.
Your activity fees are specific and final for each session in which your student enrolls.  There is no refund for missed classes, early withdrawals, and any other forms of dropping out.  We do not prorate our fees for different levels of participation.
The student pick up location is at the front porch of our school.  The teachers/instructors will take your student to the pick-up location.  After fifteen minutes your student will be taken to CORNERSTONE AFTER CARE where standard fess will apply.  If you would like to pick your student up early (before the end of class), you will need to park and walk to the classroom to check your student out.

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