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At Cornerstone, we recognize that students learn in many different ways and have individualized needs.

Learning differences cross many boundaries, even for those who are highly intelligent. The Center for Comprehensive Learning (CCL) is based on the same mission and philosophy as The Cornerstone School, with the main focus being that of meeting the needs of students with learning differences.

Students who attend the Center for Comprehensive Learning have average or above average abilities and normally would be able to meet the requirements of the regular accelerated and enriched program at Cornerstone, but challenges in specific learning areas inhibit success. These are specific learning challenges that require professional and targeted remediation and support.

Students interviewed for the CCL will be students who have learning differences, but have an average or above average intelligence (as determined by an accepted standardized test of intelligence) are able to engage and interact with minimal supervision. Students who will be successful in the CCL will receive instruction using multi-sensorial and individualized strategies, but will not require one-on-one attention at all times. Students best served in the CCL have potential, with appropriate remediation to achieve academically and to function independently.

The CCL is not resourced to accept students with significant emotional or behavioral issues, who are multi-handicapped or who have been diagnosed with severe language and hearing impairments.

Parents/guardians will support and commit to the practices and philosophy of The Cornerstone School. A formal interview with the parents or legal guardians of the applying student and the program administration is a requirement of the admissions process.

The Center for Comprehensive Learning is located in a dedicated classroom, where students from Grades 1- 5 will receive supported instruction based on individual student plans, either one on one or in a small group setting.

We currently accept the McKay scholarship.  McKay funds will first be allocated to special services such as Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy with the remainder applied to our basic tuition.  For more information about the CCL, please complete our inquiry form or contact the admissions office at (352) 351-8840 x120

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