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The Middle School at The Cornerstone School is a lively, student centered place where everyone’s individual learning styles are meticulously integrated into each lesson.

As one looks closer, you will observe self-directed and motivated students engaged in a variety of activities in which collaboration, problem solving, communication, leadership and innovation are the mainstays of the curriculum. At the same time, these same students are supporting the Tribes culture of Mutual Respect, Attentive Listening, The Right to Participate and Appreciations. There are your 21st century learners in action.

Our students are buying and selling stocks in Math in order to appreciate and further understand the intricacies of today’s stock market. They are presenting documentaries in American History on a decade of their choice such as the 60s and creating their own chemical reactions in the Science Labs. Discussion groups on The Giver are taking place in Language Arts while original cartoon animations are being created in their Visual Arts classes. Finally, as a culminating experiential activity in Spanish, students are ordering their lunches in Spanish at our local restaurant, Latinos y Mas. Appearing separate, these lessons are often linked to one integrated unit or essential questions that is being taught by all of the teachers at the same time. This is a normal day in the life of the Middle School.

As a Tribes community, each classroom is student driven with teachers acting as the facilitators and tour guides. Our classrooms stay current by responding to the news of today and integrating that opportunity for discussion and learning in today’s classroom experience. All this, while still supporting the National Standards from which the academic program is developed.

With these highly engaging opportunities for learning, students are taking part in an educational process that produces talented, motivated and well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the world outside The Cornerstone School. These students are our future, and they are doing a great job of working their way through this exciting journey.

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