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What makes Junior Kindergarten better than VPK?

We recognize that to create a high quality learning environment for all Pre-K students, we have to meet the needs of talented 4 year olds who are advanced in literacy and numeracy skills and need more than the basic skills taught through a VPK program.  Our Junior Kindergarten is designed to be a challenging but achievable program for advanced four year olds.  We understand that even young children can be critical thinkers and this is evident in how we plan and prepare our learning experiences in the Junior Kindergarten cla
We know that young children's curiosity make them natural engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and creative thinkers.  Children develop across a wide variety of capabilities and our preschool with its academic-focused, yet child-centered program, provides children with a strong foundation to prepare them for formal schooling.  
We understand the complex nature of young children, and the important role that play provides in child development.  STEM is integrated into learning domains and through teacher directed and free play activities so when you step into the Preschool and Junior Kindergarten classrooms you may see children busily constructing a wall for Humpty Dumpty that will prevent his fateful fall.  Through these types of play activities, young children are encouraged to experience and respond to their learning environment guided by their innate sense of curiosity and endless imagination.  
Our teachers are trained to observe a child's growth across seven domains with a strong focus on language, literacy, mathematical, and scientific thinking, social-personal development, and motor development.  Healthy development in these areas are achieved through research-based practices in the preschool classroom.  Academic achievement is supported when a child develops the emotional, cognitive and language skills needed for social relationships with others.
We understand that continuity in an educational program is needed in order to maintain ongoing development of cognitive ability, development of higher order learning language concepts, and academic achievement.  Our program is designed using a developmental continuum across the Three Year Old Program, Junior Kindergarten, and Kindergarten.  In addition, our deliberately low teacher to student ratio ensures that each child receives quality interaction with their teachers and the assistants. 
State of Florida requirements and our accreditation standards require that children entering the Pre-K Three Year Old Program must be three years old by September 1st.  Children entering the Junior Kindergarten program must be four years old by September 1st and children entering the Kindergarten Program must be five years old by September 1st. 

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