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The Cornerstone School is an independent school and a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.

The School is structured as a nonprofit organization and is governed by a Board of Trustees.
In addition to setting policies, planning for and maintaining the school’s overall direction, the board of directors:
  • determines the school’s mission and purpose
  • establishes policies, priorities and plans strategically
  • ensures adequate resources so that plans and programs are implemented.
  • protects assets and provides financial oversight
  • ensures that the school operates legally and ethically
  • employs and evaluates the Director of the school.
Board members are also responsible for the school’s major fundraising efforts.
2018- 2019 Board Of trustees  
 Executive Committee  
 Board President  Steve Allen
 Vice President  Bonnie Farr
 Treasurer  Susie Crabb
 Secretary  Bill Gladson
Jaclyn Berg  
Kathy Francis  
Suzanne Green  
Brian Hentz  
Paul Humphrey  
Angie Jones  
Allen Musikantow  
Kathleen Piper  
 Dr. David Martin  
 Dr. Nelson Grodonoff  
 Rosey Moreno Jones  
 Emeritus Trustees  Craig Bachrodt
   Jon Lin
   Dr. Peter Polack
   Chris Roberts

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