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Kassie Urban-Timpner may not have started her career in teaching, but after returning to Cornerstone with her daughter, her love for learning could not be denied.

How would you describe your time as a student at The Cornerstone School? 
My time at Cornerstone helped to shape me into the person that I am today. The true meaning of community and mutual respect was taught at home as well as Cornerstone. My teachers instilled a great passion for learning and helped to feed that passion on a daily basis. It is difficult to put into words the impact that Cornerstone had on my life as a student and now as a parent and teacher. I am truly grateful to have experienced Cornerstone in several lights. 

What is your fondest Cornerstone memory? 
When I was in Middle School, we had a “demolition day”. We got to spray paint, hammer, and knock out walls of the old home that used to stand where the Fourth and Fifth Grade classrooms now stand.  It was awesome! There were only eight students in my class at the time, so we really got to put our hammers to use!

Any favorite teachers when you were a student? 
This is a hard question because I can think of so many memorable teachers. In my Eighth Grade year, Mr. Moseley started at Cornerstone. He made Science so engaging and just plain fun. I had Ms. Margarita in Preschool, who also became my daughter's Kindergarten teacher, which was amazing.  My First Grade teacher was Mrs. Hager. Mrs. Hager was very instrumental in my learning journey!  She was such a help with my reading comprehension. I owe all of my academic success to the amazing Cornerstone teachers I had along the way.
Any advice for recent Cornerstone graduates that you wish you had known when you graduated? 

Don’t sweat the small stuff because it’s all small stuff. Stay true to yourself and your values, and you will go far in life!

Where did you go to high school? 
Belleview High School

Where did you attend college?
The University of Central Florida. My major was Event Management with a minor in Hospitality Management. I thought that I wanted to run a fancy hotel or be a Disney wedding planner. I am so glad that I ended up becoming a teacher at Cornerstone.

How do you feel that your time at Cornerstone prepared you for your high school/college career? 
I already knew the importance of education and trying your best at everything you do. Also, the skills of time management and organization I learned at Cornerstone helped me feel not so overwhelmed during these monumental transitions.

What did you do after college? 
I graduated in the middle of an economic recession. I interviewed for countless jobs and internships. I was competing against veteran event planners with years and years of experience. I decided to move back to Ocala and got two part-time jobs. My passion moved from event planning to teaching.  

What brought you back to Ocala? 
My family and Cornerstone! My parents as well as two of my sisters live in Ocala. We wanted Emma to grow up around lots of cousins; four out of eight cousins live here. We also wanted her to attend Cornerstone. 

Why did you choose Cornerstone for your child?
There is no school out there like Cornerstone. When my daughter walks through the gates here, I am confident that she is safe physically, emotionally, and academically. The faculty and staff work tirelessly to make Cornerstone what it is, which only makes me love this place even more.

How did you come to teach at Cornerstone?
I started as a substitute when my daughter was in Preschool. As I was sitting in each classroom, my passion for teaching blossomed. I felt called to become a teacher at Cornerstone.  I am now in my second year of teaching and I feel so fulfilled. 

What do you do in your spare time?
I love to spend time with my family. We go fishing and play on the beach. I also enjoy running and staying active outdoors.