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Here we believe as Da Vinci stated that "in order to develop a COMPLETE mind- you must study the science of ART. Learn how to SEE. Realize that everything connects to everything else." Through hands-on activities, we learn to explore the properties of various mediums, their strengths, and their limitations. We learn about a variety of artists, from the original masters like Kandinsky, Munch, Matisse, Van Gogh and Kahlo to the more modern artists such as Russo and Leibovitz.

From building outdoor structures and exploring the world of design using recycled materials, to constructing inventions using Lego as models, we strive to develop a community-focused mindset in our artists. There is something for everyone in the Art studio, as we aim to touch on exploring as many mediums and techniques as possible. From clay building, origami, STEM sculptures, painting, structural construction, design, sketching, pastels, weaving and more, we are bound to pique the interest and needs of each student. Come by the Art studio, and see for yourself where memories and masterpieces are produced daily.