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School Life


The Cornerstone School’s educational philosophy clearly states that students will develop their potential “in an atmosphere that fosters honesty, trust, openness, and respect for the dignity of all people.” With this philosophy in mind, The Cornerstone School implemented the Tribes program (Gibbs, 2006) in 2006. Our qualified Tribes TLC trainers are authorized to facilitate the Tribes TLC Basic, Middle School, High School, Artistry for Learning, After School, and Parent Courses within The Cornerstone School.

The Tribes Program

The Tribes program is defined as a process that builds a community of learners, a caring culture, and a responsive education that is learner/student-centered. It further promotes the growth of positive interpersonal relationships that create a pattern of interaction that builds on the four Tribes Agreements:

These agreements ensure consistent implementation of behavioral expectations and promote positive interaction among adults and students. It is a process rather than an end.

Our Tribes Learning Community integrates into the classroom curriculum and is part of the culture of the school. It provides for valuable school-wide connections among students and provides opportunities to foster long-term relationships. It is the norm rather than the exception for students of all ages to know each other’s names.

Together, everyone participates in creating a healthy school environment. Caring for and being valued by others, participation, positive expectations, and support are all necessary components of the Tribe's process that promotes human growth and learning. The four Tribes are Aquanos (Blue), Incendia (Red), Terrestria (Green), and Ventus (Purple).

We are proud to say, “We are a Tribes school!” 

Tribes Philanthropy Challenge

Aquanos - 2020 Philanthropy Challenge Winner

On the Cornerstone Annual Day of Giving (Tuesday after Thanksgiving), our Tribes compete to see who can raise the most for the Cornerstone Annual Fund. All funds raised on the Annual Day of Giving benefit the Cornerstone Annual Fund, which supports programs such as Art, Athletics, STEM, afterschool clubs, technology, and more! The Tribe that raises the most on the Day of Giving receives:

  • The Tribe's name will be added to the Philanthropy Challenge plaque on display in the front office.

  • The tribe's flag will fly at the front of campus for the remainder of the school year.

  • The tribe's sign will be perched atop the totem pole in the Cornerstone memory garden. 

  • Recognition in the monthly school newsletter and quarterly Cornerstone Connection newsletter.

Tribes Square Off

Terrestria - 2019 Tribes Square Off Winner
The end of the school year brings Cornerstone students together for one final Tribes meeting. but This isn't a regular Tribes's a Square Off!

Each Spring, with the help of faculty, staff, and parent volunteers, the four Tribes go head-to-head in an ultimate battle of teamwork and fun. Students work together to complete as many activities as they can in a certain time limit. Grade by grade the students pair off and rush to gain as many tokens as they can for their Tribe. In between each And did we mention the multiple dance-offs? At the end of the morning, points are tallied to see which Tribe wins.