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This phase of the Cornerstone 2020: Full STEAM Ahead project will enhance the student experience by creating an attractive, spacious facility that better enables modern instruction and student development. Additionally, The Cornerstone School's face to the public will be enhanced as we build a facility that is an outward demonstration of our sense of community.

The new buildings will be located at the north end of the current campus. An additional 17,000 square feet of learning space will be available for students, with an additional 1,300 square feet being repurposed for administrative space.


Visual Arts and Music classrooms

The Visual Arts and Music programs will have permanent space in the school designed to suit their needs and to accommodate the different age groups us­ing these classrooms. This will enhance the current program and complete the curricular offerings to include opportunities for students to develop their creative talents.





Multi-purpose facility

Renovations of our current school building will create more practical and flexible space in our existing structure. The multi-purpose facility will allow dedicated space for school presentations and Physical Education activities during inclem­ent weather.







Early Childhood and Lower Elementary classrooms

New facilities for Early Childhood and Lower Elementary programs will accom­modate the needs of our younger students by providing classroom space that is flexible, practical, and spacious. We know that teaching and technology evolve, and that active learning through collaboration and group projects are the most effective teaching method.

Two classrooms for the Early Childhood program and a shared com­mon space will allow for collaborative work and center activities. Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade classrooms will replace the modular units that currently house these students.