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The Cornerstone School is a community of families, friends, mentors, leaders, motivators, and achievers.

We share a common goal; to provide our children with an environment where they will thrive and be successful.
As parents and grandparents, we recognize the importance of a positive, well rounded academic experience.  We have made the choice to provide our children with an independent education that reflects our values and respects individuality.
In a thriving community, the need to support influential programs and to take care of the community for everyone’s best interest is recognized. The same holds true for The Cornerstone School. It is through the generosity of others over the years that the Cornerstone School has been able to thrive and mature into the respected community it has become.
At Cornerstone, everyone adds to the richness of our community.  Teachers unconditionally give their time, experience, expertise, and caring nature; administrators provide leadership, guidance, and support; students share their talents, motivation, and desire to learn; while parents share their talents, support the teachers, and provide the finances that support The Cornerstone School.  
While annual tuition covers the “basics” of day to day expenses, it does not make up the value that Cornerstone provides in an “exceptional” experience. This cost is covered by the financial generosity and shared expertise of our community.  Because of support from individual contributions, Cornerstone Students are availed the necessary resources that contribute to an exceptional education.  We encourage all current families and alumni to continue this tradition of giving so that this tradition of excellence can continue for future generations.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”
Winston Churchill
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